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The New Moon in Scorpio's Healing Sting

New moons can pack a punch, and Scorpio is one of them. This week’s new moon comes with an ending; Pluto, (God of the Underworld) made that certain. Remember that birth and death are two sides of the same door.

This Scorpio new moon is a great tool for excavating useless energy drains. For me, it triggered my 12th house- the area of the unseen, subconscious, sabotage. It’s a place that harbors hidden enemies (including yourself: ) Here we face our addiction to self-undoing. This new moon brought messy memories to the surface; things left undone, foolish acts, lost chances. Lots of past time energy.

With the 12th house, we must make ourselves aware of our auto pilot responses to life. We have to wake up to our patterns that have become the deep groove replaying the old recordings in our subconscious. The Scorpio new moon provides an excellent form of Psychic Surgery!

How often do we hold old resentments against ourselves, refusing forgiveness? The 12th house shows addictions of all kinds including something as strange as a "bondage to loss.” People with a lot of 12th house placements often struggle with attachments that hurt them. Have you ever looked at your actual attachment to losing or loss? This can be the ultimate victim consciousness. And when you do, it has to be compassionate. You’re looking at this addiction with your WHOLE self, and in doing so realize there is a SELF watching the mistakes of the temporal YOU.

One of the gifts of life is the TIME it takes to become aware of our stumbling blocks. We might remember a thing one way and stubbornly refuse to see it in a new light until 20 years later! Or, how many years did you walk through life numb to better choices or possibilities? How did you anesthetize yourself against disappointment by refusing to engage opportunities when they presented themselves?

Scorpio is the great healer. It is the birther and the death doula, too. It understands we need opportunities to be born anew and also to let old aspects of us die. If we are brave enough, we will see and feel both the regret of opportunities lost, while simultaneously knowing that awareness is itself a new beginning.

Did I mention how deep a Scorpio new moon can go? Don’t be afraid to use this moon to your advantage and let the scalpel do its work.

Where did the new moon fall in your chart? Did you feel the ending along with seeing the new horizon?


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