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Are you a Creative Visionary, who is also highly sensitive and empathic? Are you a Wise Old Soul who has trouble putting YOU first? Are you tired of experiencing self esteem issues despite being told you are talented? Do you find yourself derailed by the negativity in the world and wish you could create sanctuary?


Are you READY to fulfill your potential with fewer distracitons, a clearer center and DISCOVER  your INSPIRED life? If YES, welcome! You are in the right place. This site is all about you and the TOOLS to navigate your life successfully as a Sensitive.

The Creative Person's Dilemma

Everything that makes YOU amazing is also what sometimes derails you. Sensitivity is the trait of perceptiveness (try being creative without it!) We live in a world that devalues this trait but sensitivity is a GIFT! The flip side of every "flaw" is a talent waiting to be discovered.

What versions of YOU are waiting to be discovered?

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