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"Great ally during a huge time of change, thank you! I really like your style!" 
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Disconnection from ourselves is the major cause of pain and disruption in our lives.


I diagnose and dissolve where you are stopping yourself from achieving your most extraordinary life! Success is a cycle and it's helpful to know what is influencing your current state. 


My approach for clients is to: 

  1. CLEAR the Blocks.

  2. CONNECT you to your own energy.

  3. CREATE your vision in your authentic way.

Astrology Consults & Energy Clearings

CLEAR Obstacles, confusion, doubt, and heavy energies that are blocking you. You will feel an immediate shift and lightness as you become aware of new possibilities.

CONNECT to YOUR unique energy and revitalize your sense of enthusiasm and purpose.

CREATE and achieve more consciously and deliberately.Operate from a place of choice.

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