September 29, 2020

Most of us are familiar with the Mercury Retrograde transit, which occurs about three times per year. On social media we see complaints and annoyance about how it gums up the gears of our daily living. But, speaking as a person with four natal planets in retrograde, th...

August 17, 2020

August  18th we have the new moon in Leo at 26 degrees. This new moon trines mars and gets an energetic ping from the north node, both of which creates more ENERGY. If lately you've felt drained and tired, with not enough juice to maintain a focus on what you...

We've recently headed into Mars Shadow, then we will experience Mars Retrograde through the fall. Mars in Aries is here for a while. Get ready for energy to build! We are powerfully challenged to use this energy wisely. Mars (the planet of war), is very...

August 3 we experience a full moon in Aquarius at 11 degrees. In the heat of Leo season, fixed fire, we will have an "energy storm" to break up the tension in the atmosphere we've been feeling for a while. Clearing the heaviness and fear that we might not get our needs...

Monday July 20th, brings us a Cancer new moon at 28 degrees. This is the end of the Cancer cycle. (A month ago we had a Cancer new moon at the beginning of the Cancer cycle, at 0 degrees.) Both of these new moons have a stern opponent in the form of Saturn. We are in t...

This morning, I received a text from one of the contractors who I'd hired for a job. "I'll be there shortly," it said. Hours later, when he still hadn't shown up, I began to feel pissed off. Grumbling led to my imagining how I might tell him off when he showed up....

On June 21st, the Summer Solstice, we will have a new moon eclipse at zero degrees. A potent beginning. This ushers in opportunities, but do they match what we've dreamed of?

Most of us are rattling through the recent lunar eclipse issues, adjusting, releasing, riding t...

The ancients taught a fascinating idea about a planet's visibility. When the planets disappear from our view, it is called a heliacal phase. On May 29th, Venus, our guardian of LOVE, RELATIONSHIPS, MONEY, PLEASURE, ART, AESTHETICS, and HARMONY, is due for her invisible...

This week, the moon meets the sun in the sign of the Twins, activating us to communicate! Gemini needs to talk. Childlike and mischievous, it wants to play; with words, ideas, curiosity. We might find it hard to pin down the perfect information we're seeking, but the h...

We just had 3 planets turn Retrograde: Venus, Saturn, and now Jupiter. 

Venus governs love, self worth, and money. Jupiter is wisdom. Saturn is our structure. So our next task is to examine how our past has created what we have now. Don’t look to the outer world to conf...

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September 29, 2020

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