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Happy Clients


"Extremely talented reader. Very accurate. Very easy to work with and helps guide you forward for the best possible outcome. You will be very happy you called her. I always am."


~Denise M.

"I find Tamara to be a wise, intelligent, kind, professional, and supportive psychic guide."

"Tamara is a very CREATIVE intuitive. She sees possibility and solution in a variety of perspectives. That is really helpful. She also can give tools for dealing with problematic people or energies; the resulting energy shift at work for me was no joke. I suggest taking some time to speak to Tamara for a real solution."



"Tamara is INCREDIBLE. She is able to tune right into where you are so she can provide the insight and guidance to allow you to arrive at the peace and comfort again so you can "see" everything clearly to know what you need to do for YOU. She gives you everything you are looking for right now. I LOVE HER!"



"Outstanding advisor! Each and every session with her results in a positive experience that exceeds my expectations. Not only do I see immediate results, the awareness and the healing that she helps to initiate in each session continues to "blossom" like a beautiful flower the following day and into weeks long after a session has concluded."


"Tamara is incredibly clear, kind, helpful, and focused. Her heart and insight are huge! She is definitely there for YOU! I eagerly look forward to our next chat and clearings!"



"Tamara is wonderful!  She can not only view ahead for her clients, she has the ability to help clear away the worn-out, the no-longer-useful, as well as the negative vibrations that we each find ourselves holding (hopelessly) onto more times than we'd like to admit.


~Stacy M.

Intuitive Sessions

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