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Are You an Empath?

Here are some signs of a highly sensitive nature...
  • Have been told by others I'm "too sensitive."

  • Require authenticity and dislike having to fake it with small talk if I'm not "feeling" it.

  • Easily drained by large groups, (i.e. shopping malls, concerts.)

  • Intuitively know when people aren't telling the truth.

  • Sensitive to the pain of others.

  • Easily irritated or stressed.

  • Overwhelmed by the negativity in the news media.

  • Can be depressed or deeply impacted by sad or violent stories/movies.

  • I consider myself a "fixer" or "healer." Too many relationships in my life have been "fixer-uppers!"

  • I'm a creative, idea person, who can visualize solutions to the problems I see in the world.

  • Self care is an issue for me. I tend to put myself "last" after taking care of responsibilities and duties.

  • I'm probably a recovering perfectionist.

  • Still seeking resolution to some childhood pain and dysfunction.

  • I struggle with self-sabotage in all it's forms (procrastination, insecurity, avoidance.)

  • I compare myself negatively to others.

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