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Our powers and blueprint for living vividly.

Archetypes are universal identities that inform our growth as a soul. We have archetypes for father, mother, villain, savior, sinner, anger, love, hunger and our upward spiral of soul development.

YOU have personal archetypes - symbols for aspects of self. The baby self, teen, independent adult.

Society offers us much archetypal imagery to enrich our lives: winner, loser, enthusiast, depressive, bad boy, goodie two shoes, vamp.

Art is the richest resource for archetypal material. Literature and stories in our culture illustrate all of the roles in society. We use language that describes these roles.  That time you dated a pessimist and called him EYEORE. Your admiration for the rebellious heroism of ROBIN HOOD. Noticing the SCROOGE in your family.

We use archetypes until they are no longer useful to us. This is both a universal and highly personal process.

A powerful choice is to consciously EMBODY archetypes. This brings your energy into the game, fully present and OWNING your archetypes. Think of them as parts of you or characters that want to come out to play! The more you can accept all your inner characters, the more vivid your life will be. And whose inner toddler doesn't need a "time-out" once in a while...

A few of my inner characters

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