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Reflections on social roles, identity, culture, and the characters in our psychological closets.


Social Commentary

Conscious Stand-Up

Wonderland was GREAT, but that rabbit bugged me.
I am NOT temperamental, and it so pisses me off that you SAY that!
Absolutely comfortable in the creative fluctuation of chaos.
My inner circle requires at least a year's trial membership.
Screen Shot 2018-12-29 at 1.32.45 PM.png
literary dominatrix with a velvet whip
Just call me your highness...
loosely wired but lots of juice
I bet you're wondering who put the banana in your tailpipe...
Frida Cahlo does Mt Everest in a slip.
A Librarian learns burlesque.

"What my ancestors couldn't tell me comes up through my skin."

Convict; Prison of the Mind

The nun keeps the artist in the dungeon and takes him out to tango on full moon nights.

The beautiful ballerina has warped toes.

"What about me don't you get?"

"I like what you've done with the living room- what's in the basement?"

"Let's work on your issues."

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