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the Magic of Spring Equinox

March has always been my favorite month, although challenging because it's so dualistic. The weather is crazy, and correspondingly I often experience a lot of change at this time of year, so it feels like a balancing act between my comfort zone and new beginnings. If you're feeling a restless stirring, you're right in sync with the yearly cycle. Spring Equinox is our astrological new year!

We use the early March energy of Pisces to resolve and forgive what didn't go well during the year. (Remember that even the idea something "didn't go well" is a judgment of perception.) Pisces is the 12th sign and the signal of endings. The best way to use this energy is for surrendering old hurts and emotional release. Then we can begin again; start anew. All regrets, grievances, and grudge-ery must go. When you hold an emotional negativity (aka "grudge,") you hold your own energy back from creating. The bitterness we hold in our emotional bodies gives power away to oppressive memories. Pisces can bring hard lessons on our egos. The ONLY way to win over emotional pain is surrender of it, which requires we let go of the identities inside us that feed on that pain. This requires creativity and Pisces can be the artist that turns pain into art. We can use this energy by writing or telling our painful stories.

But, at the turn of the spring season, Aries comes in, and does something different.

Aries (at spring equinox) heralds creation through WILL. After we cried ourselves to sleep, we awaken with new energy and have a new day! This fiery energy is similar to the energy it takes a bulb to push up thorough partially frozen ground in early springtime. This is your will to keep going and survive.

If you've been planning to DO something, now is the time! All creative actions move upward at spring equinox. Cool to be part of nature, huh?

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