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The Jupiter Saturn Solstice Embrace

Photo by Matt Lantz

Yesterday I glanced up at the southern sky at about 7 pm and saw the crescent moon. slightly below and to the right a bright "star" next to a fainter light. We get to see the "Bethlehem Star" at the Solstice! A historic moment, since these two- Jupiter and Saturn- haven't met up in Aquarius since the Renaissance!

Astrologically this meet up is significant, being in the innovative air sign of Aquarius. Saturn moves us into productive, disciplined phases and Jupiter offers ease and expansion. In AIR, it is all about ideas. NEW ideas. Ideas that will become concrete parts of society, if Saturn has his way. The reformer will in fact RE-FORM how we think about social power and conduct. Jupiter kisses old Saturn and transfers some luck into this new year for each of us. What can we learn and assimilate with lightning speed- Aquarian style? How can we step out of our own way- unlike the workaholic Capricorn energy that insists gain must be hard?

I remember when Saturn carved its way into my 2nd house of Capricorn. I have never done so much physical work in my life! The construction of new boundaries- for me literal boundaries on land- and a dogged attention to financial stuff- which my naturally freewheeling Sag rising disdains. Plodding through the details. Doing "security detail." It's been a long 3 years! Saturn's move into Aquarius will be a welcome change. Jupiter wants us to learn (and teach). Think about the beautiful Aquarian teachers you may meet this year. Those teachers may not take a traditional form.

Astrologers assert that this conjunction imprints our next 20 years. So intending a satisfying year on the Solstice is a great idea, whether you "treasure map" it, or write it down. This meeting has a PRESENCE to it you can capture and be inspired with.

Here are some horoscopes for the conjunction- Enjoy! (Read for Rising Sign first, Sun sign second for most accurate understanding.)

Your Jupiter/Saturn Conjuction Fairy Tale and Gift!

ARIES: You've toiled on your career, but it felt like setting concrete steps and rebuilding the same step repeatedly, while everyone watched. You may have felt self conscious about your progress. Were you going backwards on a treadmill?? No, it just seemed that way. You took yourself seriously and gained stature. Now you get the reward. What kind of promotion have you been wanting? This conjunction in your 11th house (house of gain) is a wish coming true. It's taken everything you had to keep going, and the stress was intense, but look for the gift delivered soon to your doorstep! (Perhaps from someone in your network :-)

TAURUS: You've done a lot to let go of limited beliefs about your abilities. Somehow 3 years ago you had doubts you were meant for more in life. You had to reach and challenge your own limited ideas about your potential. Each challenge gained you new faith in your leadership potential, supported by Saturn in tough Capricorn. It showed you your executive strength, and that you are ready to succeed. Whatever you thought of yourself long ago has transformed and you can now step into your most polished self. Your name is now in lights and the boss is well aware of your value. It may surprise you how your career can take off now! Fly with it.

GEMINI: I won't say the last 3 years were easy. Saturn taught you to face your fears of being the real YOU. There were cringe-worthy fear thoughts obsessively "thinking" you at times. Sometimes those thoughts hurt more than any words you could hear. You spent some time looking under the bed and confronting the Boogie Man, and difficult real world connections too. Everything you thought was wrong or broken about you has been faced with a healing light. If you knew your were perfect AS you ARE, what would you now wish to create? The conjunction is like God speaking a love poem to you now. It's time to open to a new horizon, new possibilities, new purpose, and a new relationship with your creator.

CANCER: The last transit of Saturn was in harsh opposition to your sensitive crab soul. You were tested in real, honest to goodness human interactions. There was no where to run and nowhere to hide from being in direct conflict at times with those you were in contract with. Both marriage and business situations helped you sharpen your clarity, responsiveness, and toughness. You learned an expert give and take, when to compromise and when to stay firm. You are ready for a profound shift in inner power, even to the point of magic, a gift coming soon with Jupiter/Saturn in Aquarius. You may discover a treasure chest popping into consciousness.

LEO: What a drab run Saturn put you through since December 2017. You questioned your skill and felt nitpicked to death, even in your natural magnificence! But, as you look in the mirror now, you feel this sense of new pride in accomplishment. That day- to- day was exhausting, but you've actually created several masterpieces in the last 3 years, worthy of praise! But you were so busy meeting deadlines and crossing your T's you forgot to reach for connection and love. There's a gift waiting for you as you zero in on the exciting idea of partnership. And it's something your really take seriously. Bring all that skill into the realm of relationship and though it won't be easy, it will be another masterpiece in the creating. And, that is what you do, isn't it?

VIRGO: Has it felt like a long trip on dry land? A draught in the joy department? Perhaps Saturn made you feel better being cloistered and a bit deprived, or maybe just having to worry too much about those you parent. Maybe your worrisome "children" were projects not yet ready to fly. You questioned your talent, and whether you deserve to even feel happy with yourself. As you move your attention forward, you will find new, healthy routines, digging into your natural talents for service. This invigorates your identity, like a fresh water spring nourishing you, as you feel more and more at home. It's as if you can now do what you were born to do, and in interesting new ways that come to you in sparkles.

LIBRA: For you, the last 3 years transit was INTENSE. There was no running from contentious family issues- they had to be dealt with step-by-step, often tedious, and discussed in painstaking detail. Ironing out your differences (and some with ancestral energies) took T-I-M-E. But, you've earned a period of JOY and even a self-centered focus for a while! You'll like the inspiration you suddenly feel and see how your life is a piece of art, ready to be painted. Also, you were so busy taking care of the stressful relating your self care was diminished. Let this conjunction remind you of your deepest desires and that you don't have to do everything for everyone.

SCORPIO: Well, you learned to feel the magic of PRESENCE in your self expression. No more clamming up! Self censorship, noticing how your siblings take up all the oxygen in the room (or people LIKE siblings) taught you that what you think about and how you say it matters. YOU matter. Sometimes it's more about the delivery than the message. The beauty of this next transit is the gift of intimate connection coming to you now. Something unusual will occur. Out of tradition. Unique! Sometimes the family we are born into doesn’t feel like home. The Saturn/Jupiter conjunction gives you knowledge that family is something you can create yourself, calling it into being with the power of your very own voice.

SAGITTARIUS: Money, money, money, and the value that you bring have felt like a 3 year toil of "prove it.". Rinse, lather, repeat. Brick by brick, you've had to be a bit more P-A-T-I-E-N-T than you like. Details brought you so much gold, though, as you earned your own hard-won respect, cleaned out and streamlined your closets, and became wiry and resilient, full of resources. Now the gift comes in community. Open your pretty eyes, Sag and explore outwardly! People may even like you more than you realized and opportunities are ready to show up for you to step out of your comfort zone and express yourself with discipline!

CAPRICORN: Well, there's nothing like being your very own psychic plastic surgeon. Cappies in the Operating Room, slaving away. Let me nip a little HERE and tuck a little THERE and let me take the bull by the horns and MAKE something of myself! Yes, you did, Capricorn, all the while in a heavy stellium of transformative, unavoidable pressure cooker of planets. You've been pressure cooked and now you are delicious and ready to be served :-) There's a whole new you ready for Saturn in Aquarius. The fun part is next you can build a new sense of presence and respect by counting, and saving, and assessing what you own. It's like securing your foundation after getting a face lift so the inside of you matches the beautiful outside. Jupiter may just give you a fun money gift too- perhaps unusually or from an unorthodox source.

AQUARIUS: If you felt like you'd lost it all into a psychic black hole in the last 3 years, it's finally your time to assemble the pieces of you into a fabulous new work of art. Somewhere in the past 30 years you accumulated aspects and energies that no longer serve- remnants of other people's ideas of you- phobias-subconscious feelings of failure. You've sorted those out and are ready to be born again into a new, clean space of yourself never before seen! What an incredible gift to have Jupiter meet Saturn in your house of SELF. A possible surprise willl arrive out of the blue, to give you the choice of a brand new direction for your life. It seems like a magical and self directed path, but a lot of responsibility. Are you ready?

PISCES: Three years ago you began to clean out all associations, then let go of dead weight- the "frenemies," knowing wisely that you can't create your dreams using unworthy social soil. It may have gotten a bit lonely- a feeling of exile, even. The old dramas and groups and conversations just didn't appeal to you anymore. You realistically saw hollow situations for what they actually were - not an easy task for Pisces. Now, your gift lies in the ocean of consciousness, where God will let you rest your weary soul for a bit. You can process things to let go at your own pace, and will receive a deeply rejuvenating series of messages from your angelic presences who could not get a word in edgewise while you were gallivanting through the social sphere. Happy resting and sorting, and rejuvenating. Use the 12th house like a spa and release the tension and baggage :-)

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