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FULL Moon in PISCES-An Empath's Perspective

September 20th 2021 Full Moon in Pisces

Tonight’s full moon in Pisces @28 degrees is a time of emotional fruition. Recent weeks have sent various tidal waves of emotional material running through the collective in such a way that our job as empaths is to stay centered and focused, aware of the melee but not drenched in it. Pisces' infamous lack of boundaries in a full moon with a splash of Neptune emphasizes the question, is what you are feeling YOURS? Both, does the feeling originate with you AND is it your responsibility! Also, How does what you are feeling connect you to your concrete aims and dreams? You’ve recently begun steps the build that. Are you on your blueprints or did you veer off and get distracted?

The grand trine in air (Saturn, Mars, North Node) keeps us conscious of gliding toward our aspirations- the future we are creating, and away from our stories of past victimization. Destiny calls for inspired action and we are listening!

This moon accentuates getting clear on which impulses-people-.environments bring us into aligned action. Ignoring the noise and the agonies that we can do nothing about is an act of fierce self care for the empath and makes you spectacularly effective when you focus your emotional energy on an elevated purpose, rather than sucking on the dregs of others’ discontent.

Pisces energy is not shy about using words like "soul" "spiritual" or "transcendent." Let's just say this: Don’t waste your energy on things your soul doesn’t want for you. Do your best to go to a higher level in your responses to the world but also to your own interior dreams and insights.

Empathic people with very open fields tend to allow themselves to be aware of painful things they can do nothing about, and then feel great distress! One of our tasks is to withdraw our energies from unproductive spaces and focus in on areas of positive change. Rather than feel a victim of "feeling it all" and the resulting "basket case vibe," take responsibility for the feelings you yourself wish to generate and experience. It takes some practice but you can do it.

Pluto makes us aware of what we don’t want to know- the underworld and the nightmare. However, Pluto being In positive relationship with this lunation means we are empowered to have more sovereignty. So when the ugly thing comes to mind that you don’t want to focus on, you have the presence to SWIPE LEFT and leave it behind, as master of your own mind. Pisces energy will inform us that if we FEEL it, we ARE it. But, as empaths we must take control over this dynamic. Opioid addiction and collective numbing are at an all time high due to people's inability to handle the pain they feel. That is the downside of Neptune in Pisces, but an addicted relationship with pain and need to numb yourself robs the world of your incredible vision!

Guess what? There is another way to deal with awareness, besides submerging. Capture the visionary aspect of Pisces and turn from the victim stance. Don't drown in the ugly, download the dream and keep creating it into your life.


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