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A Pensive New Year


We get a New Moon in Capricorn Jan 2, coinciding with the new calendar year. This very active earthy cardinal winter energy gives a sense of direction. Cardinal energy is very strong and decisive. Its function is to usher in the season and a totally new set of plans. It's ambitious. We want achievement! But WAIT, we are also in a time of RETROGRADES, so the direction we will have to take is inward and contemplative.

We're trained to operate according the the Gregorian calendar that tells us January is the arbitrary start date for the new year. But, this is artificial and not natural. If we follow the natural cycles we see the spring equinox as the accurate moment of true beginnings when people plant their garden in spring. However, the cardinal (starting) energy in January provides a vital blueprint. It's a time to design what we want in an unapologetically ambitious manner, just like the Capricorn Goat eyes its mountain. Best practice: we can put some steps into place- metaphorically set up the "structure" of the garden beds at this time.

Retrogrades act as a magnifying glass to certain areas of our lives. We just can't look away! We peer closely at things we've overlooked when we were speeding forward toward our goals. We notice typos that need an edit. We change our minds about what we want. We remember something we wanted before and forgot about. Time to erase and retool!

These particular January retrogrades might feel heavy and slow. Heavy because it’s Capricorn, which takes itself and its energy expenditures seriously. Slow because two major retrogrades are slowing down our processing on both emotional (Venus) and mental (Mercury) levels. Pluto insists we dig in deep into what our intentions really are.

Capricorn embodies the word “gravitas.” All issues of “value” (mine, yours and everyone else's) are magnified. This makes sense. Until we know the value of our energy expenditures we can’t move forward with new decisions. January is a time to reconfigure our plans and make them more profitable and productive (values of Cap.)

Capricorn is utility minded and conservative. (Waste not, want not). It sounds a bit mercenary but this time begs the question, "is this worth the time and energy I give it?" This question relates to tasks, people, relationships, mental activity, and ambitions. Capricorn can usher in a hit of melancholy as we view life as the REALIST and rawly examine our lives and surroundings without imaginary fluff.

Yes, it's a sober start to the new year, yet Jupiter at home now in Pisces will help us see where the benefits exist, reminding us that progress is possible when we steer our goals with discrimination! And, although there are retrogrades the new moon clicks happily with Uranus (a FAST and FREEING influence.) So, there may be unexpected developments even during your revision process. We might just get a total upgrade in VISION! The new moon will be activating, especially If you have cardinal planets (ARIES, CANCER, CAPRICORN) near 10 -14 degrees.


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