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North Node in Taurus- themes of detox, wholesomeness & Gain


After 18 months in the Gemini/Sagittarius axis, the transiting nodes have moved into Taurus and Scorpio. Now North Node in Taurus is the focal point that gains energy for the next 18 months. The evolutionary compass is pointing toward what is more wholesome, natural, earthy, stable. (Although this might be challenging with Uranus also in Taurus, but that is another conversation.) Taurus can have its own “head in the sand” sensuality and stubbornness, but the north node here points to something so essential, like how clean air and water and non synthetic foods create more health. It's about planetary ecology and the natural world. Humans place distinctions between themselves and the animal world but NN in Taurus is a reminder that humans too ARE nature and we need to also embrace being “of our own nature.” What brings you health? What makes you feel whole? How can you tap into good money decisions that elevate your style of living? Taurus is about comfort, not about scarcity. Having enough to thrive. North node here encourages us to look for our abundance- both in money and things. Taurus wants its feet in the grass, feeling the earth. (No synthetic flip flops to block that nice earth energy.) Taurus finds security in what it can touch, eat or otherwise physically experience. It appreciates the perfection of nature, so focus on the perfection of your nature too. It will be interesting to look at what happens in the food industry and, literally, with cattle. The ideal of pastoral living may become a popular "thing." Notice the exodus from cities to more rural areas. Being close to nature allows us more accessible to our natures. Nature heals with its abundance. We'll appreciate getting out of our heads and into the soles of our feet and discovering the best things in life. That will be our path to health.


South node is the exiting energy, a point of liberation for what we no longer need.

During the next year and a half we may find toxic situations arising to be eliminated. It is not that the sign of Scorpio is itself “toxic” but its talent is in showing us how, if we refuse to have clear boundaries with things that run our fear, we will be poisoned until we acknowledge the truth. Rising above fear is why Scorpio is symbolized by 3 separate creatures: the Scorpion, the Eagle and Phoenix. These are states of consciousness. I have Scorpio clients who tell me that when they get triggered they sometimes sting- either themselves or another person. But that awareness is what allows them to transform their inner demons. Fear scenarios themselves are poisonous. Scorpio pushes for the edge in order to feel safe, and so must we. Think about swimming in dark lake water and feeling anxious until your feet find the bottom. Even if it's rocky, you feel better just knowing the depth. Situations may come up to remind us of boundaries, as in, how far can you be pushed before you say NO. (Remember April of the year 2003, if you want to see some themes you'll revisit during this transit!) This can find us in more extreme situations. I remember the last time NN was in Scorpio and I had a couple of strange and toxic rental situations. There was substance abuse and even spousal abuse between my landlords- as well as hateful attitudes. All toxic substances or energies are considered poisons.

South Node Scorpio is the area of excretion. Letting go. Release. You'll notice there is less energy available to engage these scenarios, so we are guided away from situations of subterfuge, power struggles and drama that stress our nervous systems and keeps us unhealthily hyper vigilant and wired for unease. Talk to a Taurus and you’ll find a matter of fact bluntness of attitude about why she might do this or that. The answer could even be just simply, "Because I WANT it." Her answer will relate to value-driven decisions that make the mind, heart and body feel good! This transit is a time to ask your body what it wants and needs for its health, and listen, for it will tell you. I mean this literally. Ask your body, does it want this food or this car or this situation. Taurus is the simplicity of telling you an outcome based on the gut feeling; the knot in your stomach (or the butterflies.) Drama will be available in 2022 and we get to choose how we interact with it. You'll notice other people's stuff and then, your own. Events that bring us into toxicity or truth. Scorpio south node is a great time to re-evaluate all fear and drama-driven situations and decide if its worth your health, time and energy and resources. Scorpio wants the truth and so will you.


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