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New Moon in Capricorn- Cleaning House

Tomorrow’s new moon in Capricorn with Pluto: something NEW, felt at a deep level. Doors will open. Doors will shut. And will we even say the words to announce it? There’s a secretive element here. But what we feel at a core level is what will become most real, and in the words of a beloved character Captain Picard, we will, "Make it So." The last couple of weeks have been deeply emotional, as we ferret out our truth. The next two weeks will be about revealing that truth. How you reveal it is up to you. Pluto lets you know you've been in the spiritual Operating Room. Something new is being born in you (and the world). Capricorn is always about structure (and values.)

I recently made a value-based decision to reduce distraction and dig into the creative work that is whispering at me. Indeed this time is all about the values you hold, and asking who else around you can support those? Capricorn insists: why waste time on useless argument. This idea will be challenged on a daily basis for the rest of the month, as the world clamors, argues, and trades disgust on social media platforms. Polarity does not actually define value, it's an urge to judge. When anxiety ramps up, choose wisely where you put your energy. Energy is currency and usable fuel so when you offer it, see what for.

Empaths, beware the suck into cesspools of negativity. Instead, create some separation from the urge to fly into the waiting battlefield. Where do you benefit that?


Let’s state the obvious: January is heating up the discord, as Mars (energy of action and aggression) is in Taurus, the Bull. But, Mars is not in a happy relationship with Saturn, (the law and outer structure.) This is a frustrated energy of restriction, felt by each of us differently depending on where Taurus exists in our chart. We want to break free but how we do it may not turn out as we would like. Mars will be moving into conjunction with Uranus- planet of freedom and sudden change. Both planets are wearing ill fitted suits at this point, which irritates them. Mars is in detriment in Taurus, and Uranus in Fall, so the expression can be less than satisfactory, awkward, possibly explosive. There is a revolutionary force at hand! Saturn, standing powerfully (in dignity) in Aquarius. Aquarius represents people- not elite people but everyone else- society at large. Saturn increases Mar's frustration because it seems immoveable, which makes Mars feel more rebellious and like doing something really attention-getting. Inaguration Day in the US (January 20th) is the pinnacle of this standoff. We will have to find ways to negotiate our frustration and take small steps instead of erratic jumps toward our goals. But I feel that day is slated for surprises! Uranus is wired to shock us and wake us up and in doing so, freeing us from internalized belief prisons.


In your own life: Take a look at what you feel needs immediate change. You’ll notice it has been around a while but a 1% degree shift can be very satisfying! Make one small choice today, in the direction of your dreams and soul urges. Uranus is good for downloading some inspiration- we just might have to wait to act or implement all we want but the tension will make our desires CLEAR. So let the lightning strike, as constructively as possible, by writing down the possibilities and mapping it out! Pluto's gift is power from within. And you wield it, just reach for it. What do you feel is so permanently stuck you can never, ever change? Destroy and Uncreate that (thought form.)

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