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Mind like Michelangelo-Getting A Success mindset for Saturn Transits

Saturn takes 2 and a half to 3 years to transit an area of our lives. Its task is skeletal improvement and structural rebuilds. It exists to remind us life is temporary and success requires efficiency.

This is a planet with karmic influence- a coming to terms with things badly done or not finished adequately. If we are unaware of its impact it can seem to correlate with misfortune, anxiety, worry, criticism from others, regret, illness of mind or body, reduction or contraction, a drying up, or perceived setbacks. It is a very important transit with benefits if you face its request. Like a winter weather pattern, its cycle is cold, dry, hard.

Saturn moves like a snail, and slows us down. It acts like the city snow plow, repetitiously grinding away, clearing the path. Frankly, it’s irritating, sometimes depressing, and takes a level of endurance we sometimes feel we don’t have. Saturn brings up our worries, our “not-enough-ness.” This is why people frown on its arrival.

Saturn’s purpose is to reduce distraction by making us aware of the pain of lacking good structure. As we focus, we carefully improve the area by going over it again and again. We do this by bumping up against the same issues, learning to adapt and do it better. Most of us don’t welcome this opportunity. The effects of Saturn feels like contraction, less, restriction, criticism. We feel small, stupid, corrected, unskilled. (If it's hitting our Sun or Ascendant, frankly we feel old!) In retrospect, I wish I'd known about Saturn transits sooner. I would have planned and focused my life better, for more success!

Where in your life do you feel this constructive, yet contracted feeling? Likely that is where Saturn is transiting.

When Saturn was transiting the top of my chart, I had a big change in my work and presence in the world. It required steady focus and commitment. Any lacking qualities became glaringly obvious and therefore I worked on those. As it passed over my 11th house, it pared down my friendships and associations.


Saturn relates to the skeletal structures in our lives. Without good bones we don’t build lasting success. Each area of our life requires a backbone and internal support structure. If this is weak, Saturn points it out.

Saturn transiting the top of the chart activates issues about the world (others) supporting us, We wonder, is that support good enough? Saturn moving over the inner self (bottom of chart) will activate all worries and anxieties about OUR being “good enough.” Since Saturn’s job is to notice areas that need improvement, we will experience a total reworking of our inner structures. This may not be visible to others as it was when Saturn reworked the top of the chart and our outward persona.

My personal planets are all lined up in a row of signs, so Saturn gets to grind away on those, one after the other- first my ascendant, then my mercury, sun, venus and mars, then my moon, in consecutive order, without a break. This will be a long haul transit! After Saturn is done, the personal ME will be a new and rebuilt version. With a long set of transits like this, endurance is required and the reward for the rebuild is distant so we have to get the mindset for success.


  • EMBRACE THE REBUILD Saturn always wants us to be more mature and take responsibility for our lives. Sacrifice self indulgence and replace it with a desire for improving the area that is getting the transit. If it's your 3rd house, give up on posting useless Instagram selfies; instead post valuable content. Replace gossip and idle talk with substantive conversations that support those around you. Be there for siblings and community members.

  • PROVIDE SERVICE Offer selfless service in some area of your life. Give it as a gift of your own self improvement. Be aware of less fortunate folks in the area where Saturn is transiting and offer them service.This reduces the feeling of having a karmic cycle. If this is in your 7th house that service may be with cooperative partners or clientele. If it is your 9th, you might teach higher concepts (philosophy or religion) at a university or create a curriculum that benefits international students.

  • FOCUS Picture the end result as finished. This gives a sense of purpose to the repetition Saturn requires. Recognize that seeing any flaws or less perfect areas are not to depress you, but to remind you of having vision. If this is your 1st house, look beyond areas of discontent and picture your life path and body image as perfected, polished, achieved. If it's your 6th house, daily routine and and marking your calendar are important, as is service to less fortunate folks- volunteer for them!

Saturn is currently at 12 degrees in Aquarius and has been in this sign since 2020. Wherever you have Aquarius, (particularly personal planets, Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, or the Ascendant) respect Saturn's transit, and it will reward you with a great rebuild.


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