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Actions That Matter

MARS: How's Your ENERGY Bank Account?

I've been busy working on a creative project in recent months. In order to do this, I had to withdraw my energy from other things, which sent them to a back burner. With Saturn on my sun, I have finite amounts of energy to ladle out and so I guard my energy carefully. When something comes up that needs my focus, I'll zero in on that until it is finished, if there is enough motivation. The motivation for this particular project has been brewing for some time and wanting my full attention.

Like all planets, Mars the planet of ENERGY and MOTIVATION has a cycle of interaction with our earth and the sun. Right now it is close to the sun, in a position called "combust." We can’t see it in the sky due to it being too close to the sun. As we orbit, planets will appear and disappear in the sky: heliacal phases. When a planet goes into the sun's rays, ancients call this a time of purification and a spiritual upgrade to that planet’s energies.

Mars rules action, aggression, assertiveness and initiating. When it’s combust (as it is now) the ACTION part of us is undergoing a system upgrade. If you are initiating right now, just be aware of this upgrade. What are you initiating? What intentions are motivating you? It will most likely be from a desire that began almost 2 years ago. There will be some things for which you have no energy. This is okay. There may be a more important place for your energies to go! Go there, because this is a finishing cycle. What you're up to is finishing a cycle of desired action.

MARS RISING: A NEW DESIRE CYCLE (and acting from that new desire)

Mars rises in Scorpio in November. We will then begin to see the planet with the naked eye in the sky. This begins a new 2 year mars cycle of action and initiating on a new desire. It’s always interesting to keep track of these cycles.

Whatever you are working on, trust your cycle and process. Things you are "forcing" yourself to do (with no enthusiasm) may be out of sync with completing this cycle. Remember that Mars is a planet of PASSION. Passion can be seen as a place where enthusiasm meets conflict or the need to press an agenda forward, a battle for what we most desire. For that to take place, we require energy. But Mars is also connected to INSPIRATION. Your instincts tell you how to close this end of the cycle before the new beginning. Are you wired into that right now with your current actions?

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