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Going beyond the inner critic

Today's lunar eclipse is the second half of the circle which began on the 1st with the new moon. Here we stand, ready to catch the fruit of insight gained in the past two weeks. What were your intentions two weeks ago? Did you zero in on changes you needed to make? Sometimes the obstacle to growth is an overly critical attitude. Criticism is a popular training method. We've been attached to it most of our lives. We learn to ferret out our flaws and beat them into submission rather than appreciate where we are growing to. So, let me appreciatively ask, where are you growing to? Use this lunar moment to give your emotional self some sunshine. The inner critic's job is to be aware of contrast, in case we want to correct something or choose differently. What we don't need is an out-of-control inner tyrant blocking our process. It's time to evaluate the changes you are making but also let loose obstacles to receiving them, including perhaps that dastardly inner critic. (Personally I like to put the critic into a jar; it works wonders to shut it up!) The next step is a nonjudgmental one: allowance, acceptance, love; realization that you are perfect as you are, and not a broken thing to be fixed. If you've been struggling for insight, please take advantage of my Lunar Eclipse Special available through the weekend. In the meantime, please also let this eclipse soften the boundaries on what you believe you deserve. Go beyond the critic. Is it time for some support for your life and dreams? Book some time with me and imagine what's next for YOU.

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