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Your Eclipse Gift

First, have you noticed the Sun Bun the eclipse is wearing?

All month I've been just slightly obsessed with hair. This LEO energy drove me toward thoughts of hair extensions. Mostly joking, but it did seem to be filling my head with glamorous images of ridiculously long, luxurious hair that nature couldn't provide. Leo loves us to play, imagine and create. Plus with Leo, manes are IN, (so get you some hair, Girl!)

I realized, of course, that part of my new distraction with hair was anxiety-activated. Reading the news has been tough. There's too much turmoil projected in the world, creating a collective sense of helplessness. As an empath, I needed an escape from the angst I saw and felt around me. Does this sound familiar?

Leo is ALL about the hair, but also the crown we wear. This week's solar eclipse conjunct Regulus and the North Node in Leo, called all of us into a desire to be our most noble selves. That's the message, but many of us might be puzzled over the costume we'll wear? What form does nobility actually look like for each of us. This is the discovery for the next 6 months.

Marie Antoinette's been haunting the collective. Is nobility a state of being that excepts us from having empathy for other people's suffering? Is to dishonorable to pretend the problems of the world don't affect us and stay in our own little bubble? Or is that actually a contribution of the "love and light" variety? New age thought teaches us to create our own reality by ignoring what we don't want but is that a responsible approach if we are already perceiving the problem and want to be part of a solution?

For those of us "ordinary people," the weeks climbing up to the solar eclipse were a medley of chaotic world events that cast a gloomy uncertainty over the land; some days felt rather dark and fear driven. I got a lot of reports from friends and clients that they were being afflicted with nameless anxiety, body imbalances, fatigue, and bad dreams.

In the wake of high profile events in Charlottesville, Virginia, I’ve seen countless threads in social media of people struggling with how they can be more responsible toward healing the planet, themselves and social ills. The collective questions continue: are we too complacent? At what point do we step in and take a stand? Is that giving more energy to the problem?

On the morning of the eclipse I found myself out in the country with some good friends and family, and our eclipse glasses.

A soufflé was prepared, (because it seemed very Leo eclipse-appropriate.)

As we watched the moon shadow the sun, the temperature dropped fifteen degrees and the sounds around us diminished. A stillness surrounded all of us. The chickens quieted. No birds sang or flew. An indescribable color cast across the land. Those were the physical events that played out.

Now for the metaphysical highlights: a distinct feeling of a cosmic re-set occurred for all of us witnessing this.

It was a moment of palpable peace. In my mind's eye, I saw a new light consciousness poured down onto part of the earth; a blessing. True, we have yet to individually unpack its message. But it was clear to me the eclipse gave those of us in the U.S. a positive, unifying event. Collectively we experienced the play and exuberance as well as a sense of relief from the high volume of negativity in recent weeks that has kept a lot of us off centre (so say the least.)

New information will be popping into our awareness in the next six months to inform us- but here’s the catch: not necessarily on the intellectual level we have been trying to use to problem-solve.

The Leo Eclipse offered us gifts in sun consciousness. Here are a few of the reigning questions (pun intended.)

*What does it mean to be our most noble selves?

*Are we playing, shining, creating?

*In difficult life transits and situations, what actually is the “high road?”

*What is honorable to you? Is it dishonorable to sit on the sidelines of the social discussion and simply people watch?

*At what point are we getting too mired in other people’s struggles and battles?

*How can we minister to our own needs for happiness? *How can the energy of exuberant PLAY be expressed for us right now?

*How will we approach our social issues without intellectual arguments?

*And finally, how can being noble shift difficult relationships?

Interestingly, many of these questions are circulating in the empathic mind. The Leo energy calls us into more SELF awareness, with an eye to joy, creativity and self expression. How will we handle our needs for joy amid urgent messages in our world about equality and justice emerging daily on our social forums?

Can we create a more positive world while disregarding psychic smog?

If you haven't heard me use the term before, SMOG is my fond nickname for the energy pollution we take into ourselves every day and forget to release.

Smog comes from the many negative thought-forms swirling around. A sort of negative off-gassing from people's spoken or unspoken fears, media generated obsessions, and technological fatigue. Our tired brains need a chance to reset. We need to get out of REACTION mode and into CREATE mode.

Leo is the fun, rebellious, buoyant, fiery teenager whose joy-of-hair surpasses the need to organize a social revolt.

The eclipse gives us the gift of this youthful energy! This eclipse says, your SELF is number one, and that's okay. Let your creativity play with this crazy world and bring your light. Most of all, doesn't it demand we STOP smoking' on the SMOG and get down to the business of creating.

What did the eclipse gift to you?

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