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NEPTUNE at the Anaretic degree: The End of The Trance

Feeling disillusioned about anything in your life?

We are seeped in the weirdest energy possible: Neptune at 29 degrees.

It's the precipice of waking up.

An Example:

Since 2011, when Neptune went into Pisces, consciousness has totally changed, especially unseen levels and how that affects our understanding of spirituality and energies.

Before 2011, astrology and the "psychic" arts were oddball play things supposedly for "bored housewives."

Enter Neptune in Pisces. New vistas in consciousness arrived to change our collective minds.

The collective was swimming in ecstatic mirages of self development.

The rise of tons of "new" forms of old things.

First Tarot, then Oracle cards, Angel cards, etc.

First Astrology, then Human Design and Gene Keys.

First Speaking in Tongues, then Light Language.

New inventions of "confrontational" self development. (First it was EST, then The Forum, then Landmark which had to keep renaming itself apparently. But in the end, EST will always be EST.)

Not just astrology- now we have a million other ways to change the lens on our reality.

But a lot of Neptune in Pisces has been a fun house mirror.

Neptune's job is to act like an opiate on consciousness.

We imbibe new visions, awarenesses and go down amazing rabbit holes.

And we BELIEVE. And from that belief our reality is born.

But Neptune's other job is to disillusion.

We awaken like sleeping beauties from our entrancement in false and weird realities.

What did you begin to believe from 2011 that you now realize was just a mirage?

Where are you fully disillusioned?

Does yet another invention of a consciousness map make you want to throw up? The buzz words of self development repackaged into the new generation's lingo?

Neptune in Pisces has done its job well.

Collectively we have been underwater, under influence, entranced, under various spells.

When this long transit ends, we will never have it again in our lifetime. This was a once in a lifetime entrancement and disillusionment reminiscent of the witch hunts in another century.

The muddled, confused collective mind may come to some new level of clarity and restoration- especially around issues of religion, spirituality, cults, and most importantly what YOU believe.

What you choose to believe is literally the most powerful ability you have.

Neptune in Pisces has had plenty of manipulators who knew how to harness that subconscious part of you since 2011 and warp your vision of reality.

We have another year at the 29th degree so we getting critically aware of the wool pulled over our eyes and realizing if it walks like a duck it's likely a duck.

What will you do when that trance ends?

Literally, what are you waking up from?


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