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5 Gardening Secrets that increase happiness

When I began my Intuitive practice I moved to a rural area and began to learn about cultivation. Here's a short but potent list of my learnings!

Like to or not, we "grow" our lives through creative intention, and the more intent we give, the more magical our lives can be. (City girl here.) But I actually grew up in the country, which exposed me to seasons. Seasons show us cycles.

An understanding of cycles is essential. All 5 secrets depend on knowing that human nature itself has cycles, just as plants do. When I moved to the city at a tender age, I couldn't keep a plant alive! If I had known then what gardening has taught me, I could have avoided years of impatience and ignorance about how to use natural cycles to "grow" my life and ambitions.

1. Gardening is a process governed by cycles. No part of the cycle is less valuable than another. We garden to harvest. We plant with the end in mind and trust the process that will get you to fruition. First of all, planting a seed is an act of creative faith. This holds true for all things in our lives.We plant seeds all the time! A prospecting phone call for new business. Attending a community meeting. Connecting with a new friend. Planting a seed is an act that says you have faith in the the process of a new creation.

2. You don’t have to do it all alone!

The universe is expanding, and so are you. Nature's work is to grow (and this holds for humans too.) We think of gardens as "hard labor." True, we do need to keep the weeds at bay but mostly it is letting the sun and rain do their work, and trusting the plant's impulse to grow. Getting our hands in the soil is like connecting with life's play dough. Gardening is co-creative; you plant the seed - nature does the rest.

How many times have you operated as a one-woman-universe? When you decide to create something new, always remember it is co-creative and not about control. Can you connect to the universal web, set your intention free, and allow help?

3. Letting go allows magic to occur. Magic is the key word here. (How do you feel about magic?) Magic occurs when we are surprised to find something appearing that we didn't expect to show up for us. Letting go allows an even better outcome, which is the magic we really want. A question I give clients is, how could this turn out better than anything I could imagine or plan?

4. Caring cultivates. Do you respect what you care for in life? For passionate souls, caring can feel like something that tangles us up with expectations. We don't want to expect too much lest we be disappointed. But letting go is not the same as "not caring." Our caring is a container for the intentions we set forth. Care more about what matters to YOU than what other's say, based on their limitations.

5. You are meant to create. We humans are "content creators" with every bit of our lives. We are weaving our stories, day by day. Seeing that story play out helps us know ourselves to have creative power.

The more you are in "create" mode the less you're in "react" mode. Each time you create using the natural cycles of the universe you experience more power to create again. Remember, what has been created can be destroyed if need be, and once we see our prototypes we can create something even better!

A FEW CREATIVE QUESTIONS that go beyond gardening...

-Do you trust what you put in motion, or do you match other peoples' self-doubt?

- Are you aware of the universal forces co-creating with you, or do you live in a one-person-universe?

-Can you feel the empowerment of what you decide to create, (or have you judged yourself for what you perceive as past creative failures?)

-Will you allow yourself to be nurtured by what you create (regardless of other people's points of view?)

-Pay attention to feelings of doubt and ask, who does this belong to? Doubt is a distractor energy we get from people around us who project their own unmet needs onto our budding creations. Don't let their doubt throw cold water on your happiness!

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