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How to Get Your Sparkle Back with a New Moon in Virgo​​​​

First, how do you feel about DIRT? You know the feeling when you just have to get your scalp clean or you can't think straight? And you realize you've spent too much couch time eating bonbons, avoiding reality with trash TV? This is the wake up call Virgo gives us when she comes around.

September 19th's new moon in Virgo 27 degrees is our yearly opportunity to get clean, clear, and produce some sparkle!

We ALL have an inner Virgo, and she’s got the will to mop the floors.When I think "Virgo," I see a white apron. (And maybe some rubber gloves.) Virgo is not the sign we associate with “sparkle” in the glamorous ways of Leo, but she IS the part of us that knows the silver jewelry won't polish itself! She is the epitome of “elbow grease.” Whenever I feel a deep impulse to clean all the basins in my house with scouring powder, I think Virgo’s got a hold of me. Knowing that it takes focus and intention to create the best for ourselves, Virgo energy teaches us to put in the practical work to make our lives sparkle.

A VIRGO NEW MOON QUESTION: Is There an Area of Life You've Neglected and Allowed Random Grime to Collect?

In order to create perfection you first need to see the imperfect. During this new Virgo cycle, you may suddenly be more bothered by DIRT (energetic and physical) or useless things collected in your closets and garage. Virgo loves what's useful, and wants to eradicate waste. Also mind clutter. You'll be more aware of "dirt" in the collective, dirty gossip, wasted time.

Virgo wants us to scour away unclarity or grubbiness from our consciousness. She promises that cleanliness will help us focus and bring the sparkle back. She calls our attention to “where” our lives have gotten grimy and need the deep clean to bring back health.

Discriminate, Please! An important aspect to Virgo is its ability to distill what's of value by identifying what's garbage, and this process will be important for you this month, especially as it pertains to releasing junk you've collected from random source that hold no relevance to your life. Whether it's the need to sort your bookshelf and donate the unusable, or be more discriminating about your social channels, the message is clear: Take Out the Trash.

Remember, empaths often try to clean things for other people without being aware they are doing so. Our lives require boundaries. Where have relationships gotten muddy or unclear? Focus on purifying your space and removing the dust and imprints from other people, including their ideas, issues, conflictual energy, and negativity that has no place in your life. (Quick Energy Clearing Hint: you'll know these are from others because they'll feel like a burden in your body.)

VIRGO'S CLEANING TIPS: Identify, Purify, Distill!

  • Look for the house Virgo occupies in your astrological chart- that is the life section that gets your attention with this new cycle and your destination for new clarity and "sparkle." Does that part of your life feel heavy, sluggish, or uninspired? Ask, who does this energy belong to? (This is your way of checking for other people’s grubby finger prints and removing them!)

  • Details are your friend! No matter how much you love the “big picture” Virgo’s gift is in bringing details to consciousness, so accept the gift and pay attention to "dirt" that needs clearing, and how you can construct this part of your life so it functions more smoothly.

  • Be aware of all physical, mental, emotional or energetic spaces you occupy (including those you share with others) that feel neglected or grubby. Virgo will help you clean them so they sparkle!

To receive accelerated insight and healing, please take advantage of my energy clearing special: A VIRGO NEW MOON TUNE UP!

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