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New Moon in Libra! Feel the Pull Toward the NEW YOU

Today served up a New Moon in Libra: juicy, surprising, a push- pull between the past or future you.

A new moon affects us in myriad ways but consider this one has a spotlight is on how you see yourself, your unique and individual expression, your history, and image. The emphasis is on what's NEW.

In upcoming weeks, we'll all encounter opportunities to make a new choice based on our evolving self, and the SELF we believe deserves to be loved. This may involve clearing out the subconscious closets and throwing out old emotional versions and costumes that no longer fit us well (or, flatter us!) This is a new moon in Libra, after all!

The new beginning you are seeking for yourself may have a few stray hairs caught in the past. The task is to complete, so you are not pulled backwards. For the next couple of weeks, situations you find yourself in may recall a few memories where you judge how”well" you loved in the past.

Are there blemishes to your self image with regard to love? Release that judgment and allow your capacity to rise a higher level, knowing you’ve gained wisdom from your past and don’t have to repeat what hasn’t evolved.

This is about your "love identity." With Uranus in Aries pulling hard on this new moon, the focus is on revising and choosing the SELF you allow yourself to love. Must you negotiate your"flaws" in order to find yourself lovable?

The heart carries memory fibers. When we consult its point of view, there’s often a question as to whether we actually ARE our past self, or are we allowed the gift of being the present version of us? We subconsciously judge our lovability based on the past, but this new moon invites in us a grace to transcend past memories (and perceived failures.) Too often we feel like what we've experienced IS us, but its' problematic if you mistake yourself for "damaged goods."

You are NOT a series of mistakes from your past. You are the wisdom accrued from your past.

This dynamic also changes our relationships because you may not choose to be around people who prefer to stay stuck on a past version of YOU rather than tune up to who you are presently.

This new moon has a bit of juice to it because it’s about making a conscious choice to love YOU in totality, and appreciate your evolution as a being!

Enjoy!! And share your insights on the New YOU emerging with this interesting Libra/Aries influence.

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