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November - Finding Emotional Balance

A deep journey may be under way this November! We are in Scorpio season, and with Jupiter now also in Scorpio we’ve tipped out of the Libra focus just a little and are tipping into the deeper waters of Scorpio.

Scorpio loves to get to the bottom of things, and doesn’t stop unless it can feel a solid foundation. I’ve found this to be true of all my Scorpio friends - they like to look at the deep side, the dark side, the dark forest in fairy tales, where the ogre lives.

Your life IS your fairy tale, complete with all the monsters under the bed. Sometimes you don't know it's there until you awaken it. We awaken our monsters by stepping out of our comfort zones and into the raw states that come from being vulnerable and truthful about how we feel.

We may find ourselves delving into the darker emotional states, question what drives us, and plumb the depths of our own (and others' psychology) to find what’s true underneath. Only when we find our own emotional truths can we OWN them and then change them if we wish.

When I think of Jupiter expanding this experience for all of us, it reminds me to put on my diving suit and be ready for the dive! The best way to stay safe while diving involves awareness of your stability.

Stability is a special case with Sensitives. Because our radar is "out" so much of the time, we unconsciously use ourselves as STABILIZERS for the collective- when a friend calls us upset, we drop what we are doing to take care of them and one of the things we are doing is stabilizing their experience on some level.

So as we move forward into emotional territory, how balanced do you feel?

When we get out of balance, we experience instability or disharmony on our four levels:

SIGNS of being out of balance:

Mental: self-criticism, thinking separative thoughts- that your’e alone or have to do it all alone. Muddled thinking. Seeing others as OTHERS and against you. Spinning wheels, not getting things done.Scattered. falling down the rabbit hole of mental chatter.

Emotional: feeling irritable, depressed, dull, confused, feeling life is against you.

Physical: clumsy, bumping into things, small accidents, low energy and vitality.

Spiritual: Feeling disconnected from your purpose-devoid of a sense of purpose. Experiencing disengagement from the greater SELF and others.

Do you need to get in better touch with your power? Let's clear out the negative voices and distraction. I'm preparing a series on CREATING DAILY BALANCE! It will be a quick way to check in on your empathic self and get back in balance! What do you most need help with? Let me know what you think!

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