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How will the New Moon in Scorpio affect you?

This new moon in Scorpio is colored by a few descriptors: fixed, focused, intense, private, investigative, sexual, deep, penetrating insight; facing fear of absolutes: birth, death, rebirth.

Deep changes are afoot, and we're serious about confronting our fears, especially those that have solidified, and now imprison us.

Sometimes a new beginning coincides with a release of the old! For some of us, this new beginning can surely feel a bit intense. But how you interpret and FEEL about this new moon depends on your own constellation of energies. No matter how you are built, this energy brought by the new moon says, perceive it and feel it. Scorpio is willing to do the deep dive, even it it must pierce through ice to find the ocean floor. In other words, whatever in our lives has been covered over, masked or camouflaged can be revealed through Scorpio's healing influence.

Depending on where in your chart this new moon lands, it wants you to approach the deep issues there fearlessly, until you get to the bottom of the situation.

Change causes tension, so I like to ask myself, how can I navigate this tension? I was recently discussing with a friend how I wished my french bread came out crustier and was asked how I'd feel if it were ice cream? (Strange, I know, but it illustrates how we judge a thing based on what we expect of it.) This ability to switch perception may just help us while we are examining things we actually feel strongly about.

Scorpio knows transformation that can come by facing fear.

A few Scorpio new moon questions to ponder:

  • Where has fear built walls you live inside?

  • What exactly is the fear, and what age is the perspective? (Was it from when you three, or thirteen, or at last year's company Christmas party?)

  • When you bravely look that fear in the face, does it morph into something else?

This cycle may surprise us by revealing fears we didn't know we had, they were buried so deep. The outside of the feeling may have the jagged look of ice, but once you release the fear, it melts, softens, and turns into something more palatable. The vulnerability underneath our walls is a sweet thing indeed!

This new moon excavation is a private, "inside job" for most of us. As the emotional issues "light up" we can then deal with them in more awakened ways. As we move toward the winter solstice, we continue to "light up" from the inside and get our insights and wake up calls.

What are you waking up to?

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