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How to Plug into Clarity Despite World Chaos

I love this image of Neptune, seeming so imposing on little earth! Very fitting, because Neptune, planet of illusions and dissolution, dreams and fantasies, has gone direct. Whether this makes you feel "more" or less" woozy depends on your point of view. Since this is a transpersonal energy, it not only acts upon each of us but also signals trends in the collective.

If you have any planets in Pisces, this can be an interesting time for you! For many of us Neptune coming back online has had its own wake-up call quality. I was joking with someone recently that Neptune retrograde is like trying to see in the dark and Neptune direct is like turning on the light but still needing glasses.

For some of us, no matter how hard we study various “fact streams” we are bewildered by the mish-mash of confusing facts bobbing along in the collective thought stream. A few years ago I was having trouble getting things figured out with my health insurance company; the system just wasn’t functional! (I was later told by a provider that Blue Cross in my state had been sold 6 times in one year.)

We are living in a time of rampant misinformation. Collectively, we are getting CONFUSED. And because we don't want to feel "out of the loop" we stay plugged into unhelpful sources of information. We are falling down fear rabbit holes! The more we talk to others we are confused by their alternative view points. I see people fighting points on social media, people who, if they sat at the same dining table would agree about certain basic human values but are screaming at each other about “issues.”

If you are confused about what’s true or not true, you are not alone! Our collective mental and emotional energy has lost it’s internal directives. Because we have been trained to look outside for information, we are sitting ducks to the chaos being generated int he collective “mind stream.” It is as if a disembodied brain with a mood disorder has taken over our collective thought streams, dictating our emotional highs and lows with suspicious frequency.

Not only are we confused, we are also depleted by this exhaustive mind-screw.

How often have you checked social media just to find your mood plummet as you read a million heartless and discouraging posts?

That last sentence hold the key to our collective dismay. If we stay in the head and listening to other disembodied heads droning to us about the doom and gloom of our collective destiny, we will be cut off from a very wise space-the HEART!

It’s important to remember our compass is faulty, but not broken. It just needs reattachment to the HEART part of our apparatus. It is sometimes a challenge to drop down into the thoughtless space of the heart, and experience it’s wisdom and guidance. But that is where the magic is!

Heartmath Institute in Santa Cruz studies the vibrational emanation of the heart and how attuning to it can reduce stress. When the brain of our collective has got a virus, isn’t it wise to use another system available to us to guide us to safety and peace?

As Neptune awakens our collective disillusionment, it may also ask each of us to reach into the higher intelligence available to invent, create, imagine, and dream up a better reality than is just now being presented to us. We can unplug from distress, just as we plug into the earth, stay grounded and stay in touch with our dreams. Let’s do it.

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