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How to Treat the Week Before the Solstice

Here we are a week before the Solstice. It's a time of reflection about our year, and what a year it has been! So much uncertainty and intensity in the world. Recent days have found me with the urge to sit on the couch eating bonbons or stare into my fire, watching it burn. I've been wanting to curl up with my loved ones, and eat comfort food. Sound familiar? If you are struggling with a To-Do list this season, here is a list of my own you can substitute. Because, frankly, it's the 11th hour of the year and you've probably already DONE what's important. It's time for a little rest!

This season often brings us a case of the blues and the "busys." Perhaps we fear that if we don't stay busy, we will feel blue. We are feeling driven when we need to hibernate. In this case, culture is not helping nature, so let's listen to nature.

Self-criticism colors our thoughts. What we spiritual re-boot. This time when the light is low can make us feel "low." Holidays are a time when a lot of people exit their lives. Statistically, December is a month when we can often lose loved ones. It is the last month of the year and the time of less light and shorter days, so according to nature it is a time to actually DO less. It is also a time of deep contemplation, which can feel a bit somber to us, emotionally.

Even with many of us in lockdown, we've been trained to produce. Our culture doesn't teach us to relax and review. It tells us to be productive and active. When we choose to relax near the solstice, a cleansing occurs. Unbidden, feelings and thoughts can rise up. We may feel sorrow over loss or past influences. Guilt may creep up about how we handled something this year. Our mood can match the lower energy and we feel a bit "darker."

Self criticism colors our thoughts. What we HAVEN'T done becomes bigger than what we've accomplished. So here is my shortlist of what to do a week before the solstice. Pretty much one-note: CLEAN, RELEASE, CLEAR!

* Pardon yourself for NOT achieving a goal. Despite a year of pandemic influence and difficulties, you have GROWN! Let go of regret about the "goal that got away." And, what if the list you made for yourself this year became obsolete part way through? We've had to adapt to rapid changes this year. Trust your instincts. You've adjusted beautifully and probably accomplished another valuable thing.

* Forgive relationships that did not work out. Use the Hawaiian prayer, "I love you, I'm sorry, Please Forgive me, Thank You," and allow it to wash away any guilt residue from your thoughts, especially if you've done everything you could to clean your side of the street. You learn what you need to, and it's time to move on. No failure there!

* Release Your Old Wish Lists.You can even burn these babies while enjoying a pre-solstice winter fire. Don't use this last bit of December to cram old goals that are now obsolete. Get rid of old expectations weighing you down. This is a time to empty out.

* Feel Gratitude for this year. We just completed a transit of learning with Saturn in Capricorn, which has scoured a part of your chart (aka your life), and this week feel gratitude for the all new YOU coming out of this year. Congratulations! You just graduated with honors.

* Celebrate! Jupiter and Saturn meet in Aquarius on this solstice, heralding an era of new developments in the world and your life. So it's particularly important to notice this time as a RESET. The days around the solstice are very potent to scribe some NEW intentions. What would you like your next 20 years to feel like?

For this week, cuddle up with your bonbons, hugs, and enjoy all you've created and who you're becoming.

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