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The End of Chiron in Pisces- A Walk out of the Garden of Eden

Athenian Black Figure Vase Painting C6th B.C (courtesy

We are in the last stretch of a nearly 9 year cycle of Chiron in Pisces, a time in which we’ve explored the stark pain of both merging and separation. The Chiron myth illustrates a pain that never goes away; a recurring pain. A pain that helps us assist others, but the ache inside us remains.

Pisces is the 12th sign, and the end of the zodiac. It is the dualism of spirit embodied. We have a spirit and we have a body, and struggle with this constant duality: the immortal and the mortal. It brings us those interesting existential questions. How can our finite lives serve others? What belongs to me vs you? Which light (belief system) should we follow in a dark world?

Astrologically we are in the period described as the cusp between the Age of Pisces (that arrived around the time of Christ, approximately two thousand years ago), and the Age of Aquarius, a new era of light, information, equality, technology, space exploration; an era of cosmic and human community. Cusps are always strange, gray territory; not quite the past, not yet the future.

Here in 2019, We’ve all been feeling this cusp as a time of chaos. The dark seems so “dark” and the light is a goal we keep reaching for. There are no collective agreements, since duality reigns supreme. We are collectively polarized. We are internally polarized. Mental health issues are at an all time high, and a lot of mental stress people report involves being exhausted and confused. We're a little strung out!

As a member of the generation with Chiron in Pisces myself, I’ve been intrigued with how this hypersensitive energy is affecting everyone in the span between 2010 and 2019. Suddenly I am not the only too sensitive and overemotional one. It is a time of collective empathy.

The sign of Pisces is visionary in such a way that it tends to merge with its own creations (or perceptions.) Anyone with planets in Pisces knows how permeable boundaries can be. Once we perceive something we can become it, (whether we like it or not.) Unfortunately many of us succumb to negative thought forms being projected to us without realizing it is someone else's program. The hypnotic quality of ideas absorbed into the collective has created confusion as to what belongs to whom and even what are our own beliefs. Confusion is the underbelly of Pisces. When you are confused, it's difficult to feel empowered.

During the Chiron in Pisces transit everyone has had a dose of sensitivity about what we are responsible for. Feelings of guilt, responsibility, deep spiritual angst, escapism, overwhelm, confusion and martyrdom have been a collective issue.

There are so many problems to fix in a world of dark and light! Empathic folks are extra sensitive to this spiritual dilemma on earth right now. We feel the distress in the collective. We are in hyper FIXER mode. We want to be perfectly spiritual. We can’t stand the pain we feel around us.

The choice is to try to numb out and create pleasure substitutes, or deny the pain, or even to feel fundamentally broken, perhaps imprinted with this sense of guilt from original sin. (The Chiron gift that keeps on giving and one you can never give away.) Chiron in Pisces says, question the program! Are you really broken and imprinted with an original sin?

Many of us grew up with the allegory of Adam and Eve, the parents of humanity who naughtily ate the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, and were punished through eternity. (That's us; we're eternity.)

I remember early indoctrination with this story as a child but ironically was just starting school to become “educated.” So why was the fruit of knowledge so bad?

How Have You Judged Your Own Consciousness?

Many people I counsel are struggling with the dilemma that their consciousness wants to grow, but the more aware they become, the more painful their realizations are! People who choose a path to more consciousness realize the price: once you choose to be more aware you can’t backtrack without compromising yourself. there’s a price to going numb or sliding backward. This is a Chiron in Pisces dilemma.

Many of us would love to return to the childlike state of ignorance about our own actions and allowing GOD or the UNIVERSE to take responsibility for us. When something good happens we thank GOD. When something bad happens we ask GOD “why.” But imagine the stories we were imprinted with had a faulty premise. What if the refuge we seek isn’t in some outside source taking ultimate responsibility, but in our consciousness itself?

When we decide to take this journey of responsibility, our awareness grows and sometimes what we feel is GUILT or SHAME about ourselves. We think that who we’ve been or what we did is “judge-able.” But how does this serve us, to judge and condemn, rather than allow our lives to be valuable information funneled into the divine? Here's the Garden of Eden playlist: Life offers us a choice between staying asleep and unaware of choices we make, OR awakening and facing the terror that comes from awakened choice, and responsibility. When in your life have you JUDGED awareness itself as painful and destroying your joy? When do you believe you'd prefer to numb out instead of face the pin prick of awareness?

This month You Change Up Your Myth!

Let’s get deep; soul deep. You're probably an old soul if you're reading this. The end of CHIRON in Pisces is the end of an ancient story, (or a whole mythology), one which you may have lived since your own beginning as a young soul.

The end of Chiron in Pisces allows you to walk out of Eden. You are no longer an infant. You’ve toiled for consciousness throughout your existence. There’s no going backward. You’ve eaten the apple, it tasted good, you’ve fully digested it and it’s now become part of you. There is no soul brain cell you can kill to eliminate your own growth.

There never seems to be a resolve with CHIRON, just an acceptance. Perhaps it is an acceptance that life carries the bittersweet gift of wisdom, gained through painful experience. The gift of Chiron is that we are each perfectly imperfect, filled with the precious scars of living that helps another ease their pain.

If you’ve felt this transit personally, ritualize its ending! Recognize it's a welcome release of the old patterns of “suffering to be spiritual” or whatever pattern has imprisoned you. A fresh chapter is dawning. You are about to become NEW.

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