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Full Moon in Virgo~ Soul Colonic of the Decade?

Happy Virgo Full Moon! Just as Chiron leaves Pisces, it dances a “Do-Si-Do” with the full moon in Virgo. Twirl out Chiron and all its mess, as the full moon illuminates the detox process. Guess what? Everything you feel like you never figured out in your whole life can still be let go. And it’s a purge that feels good. Also, YOU are not the toxins you're releasing (mic drop.)

This is a big transition for many of us carrying Pisces planets. Chiron brings up a feeling of deformity wherever it touches us by transit. And trust me, its keyword is WEIRD. The weirdness can't be resolved, only accepted and seen at a higher level. For a larger view on Chiron leaving Pisces, check out this post: The End of Chiron in Pisces.

To appreciate the healing function of this full moon, consider the difference between Pisces and Virgo.

Pisces might lament, “Why do I have this pain in my life?” The full Virgo moon assists like a soul colonic. Virgo gets rid of irrelevant crud that is blocking us from seeing how perfect our lives really are. Virgo tells Pisces that WHY is an irrelevant, cruddy question. Instead, ask, WHAT.

What has this pain taught me? What do I wish to create now? What tools do I need, to get it created? What new forms better express me? When I am done with this existence, WHAT will my life have been about?

We are really getting to the bottom of the erroneous idea that we are victims of circumstances beyond our control. Yes, things are out of our control at times, but this does not necessarily make us victims, just expert problem-solvers.

This is a moment of purification and existential detox. VIRGO is the lab where we distill our own intentions and pick apart the elements of our social lives, body needs, and even emotional landscape. Virgo sees our lives like the collage bits on the craft table before they are assembled. It sees the parts: glue, paper, images. It analyzes, what should go where? It’s like the clock repairer that inspects the gears and finds the tiny screws that hold the whole thing together! It is also the doctor with the scope, but it's not here to torture, it's here to release crud. (Sorry to bring up the colon again, but Virgo rules the intestines, so the analogy is too perfect!)

Virgo is all about practical service. So we’re encouraged to release internal or external junk that doesn’t serve us (or others.) We might ask, if I’m holding onto toxins, how does that hamper my ability to practically serve the world?

While Pisces gets overwhelmed by undifferentiated feeling, Virgo can detect the origins of something. Do you know the origins of the toxins you’re letting go? Most are simply inherited or inhaled by mistake. It's okay. Life is meant to be a dirty ride. Don't judge the dirty, just let it go. Since life is basically an exercise in tiptoeing through the toxins, (ours and everybody else’s ) it’s a GREAT time for a conscious detox, because our cells hold onto energy, imagery AND chemical waste. So let them go, and get excited about your "WHAT."

Gain in-depth tools for detecting and releasing energy toxins, in my new e-course, Understanding EMPATHS.

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