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The Human World vs Earth~ Why Empaths Struggle to Stay Grounded

I must confess for the first half of my life I was not exactly “in my body.” I even tiptoed around my own house growing up. It felt uncomfortable for the soles of my feel to touch the floor. It’s possible my revulsion stemmed from the harshness of the floor boards in my home. But as I moved into adulthood, my tendency to float along without proper grounding was an issue I had to solve.

Many of my empath clients struggle with a similar dissociation. We want to exit this reality at times. We sense too much pain that seems unfixable, making us want to check out and wander, even when reality is staring us in the face.

What does “reality” look like to the wary empath? Ongoing codependency issues with others. Unworkable situations we keep trying to fix. Negativity we’d like to avoid. In short, a “harsh world.” But consider what the "world" actually is to our human perception: a collection of intense thought forms about reality. This is NOT the same as planet EARTH.

When an empath feels triggered, the key is not to follow the urge to "check out," but to check back in, with Mother Earth.

Being triggered is a regular occurrence when your antennae are out. But the corresponding helplessness needs to be addressed. Since the we tend to live amidst mass thought forms, you will not find solace in more immersion in Facebook and news media. Instead, seek out the EARTH beneath your feet. There you will find a nurturing, sustaining, joy producing place!

Did you know that there are remedies for every ailment? Earth is the nurturing, ever abundant planetary body we stand on. She sustains us, and heals us. The “world stage”is what’s happening "on" Earth. Why is what's happening so distressing? Since humanity creates much of what you pick up on empathically, it's not necessarily your own personal creation. But we get upset about things we can do nothing about (i.e. other people's energy.)

It's true, the world is a mixed bag: unfairness mixed with joys, incredible cruelties offset by kindness and compassion. We are dizzy with the contradictions. Don’t match the crazy energy, or you will feel bad.

You don't have to match the despair you feel in the world! Instead ask questions.

Ask, what ENERGY can I BE that is a solution to world issues? How can my awareness uplift the world? What part of my consciousness is at peace? How can I create safety in MY world?

Empaths have the task of committing to their bodies, which means rooting down into Earth, feeling sustained and grounded. Sensitivity requires we let go of our urge to fix and tinker with other people’s intentions. (Really, stop fixing.)

If being on earth sometimes makes you want to “leave” earth, remind yourself that the Earth itself is benign, a healing force that can recharge your internal batteries. It’s the world and its dizzying thought forms that are actually bothering you.

Some empathic people feel regular bouts of despair and depression when they tap into the world, and sense thought forms of violence and fear. When you find yourself dipping into the chaos, pull all of your attention back inside you, retract your energy and send it down to Mother Earth. This will detach you from the thought forms that are afflicting your energy and making you feel powerless. (Why do they cause you to feel powerless? Because they are not yours to fix.)

Focus instead on the reason YOU came here. Solve and fix your own energy leaks and you will feel very fine indeed.

If you would like a self-paced, in depth tutorial on releasing empath dysfunction, please check out my new e-course, Understanding Empaths. Get tools to manage sensitivity!

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