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3 Great Reasons to Protect Your Aura

The aura is the energy field we emanate. When we talk about someone's "energy" we are talking about their aura.

You can feel an aura when someone stands too close behind you in the check out line. It's something you sense when you don't like the "feeling" of someone at a party. You can also feel attracted to someone, via the notes you pick up about their energy.

A person’s auric field comes from the thoughts they think, the emotions they feel, and the ideas they keep around them habitually. Depending on how you resonate with those energies, you may like them or not.

The aura can be seen, (if you are clairvoyant) or felt, if you are an empath. Empaths are people sensitive to how energy feels. If you are an empath you might describe the atmosphere at a party as “heavy and depressing” or “uplifting and happy” but not know why. You just feel it. Your ability is to feel the truth in a situation (whether you want to or not.)

Empaths have a highly developed 2nd chakra, the energy center below your belly button. Because you can feel emotions from others, you may get confused about where the feeling originated. (Is it mine, or someone else’s?)

Let’s talk about why you’d want to pay attention to (and protect) your aura. Here are 3 great reasons to protect your field.

REASON #1 You’ll have more clarity.

Maintaining your aura allows you to be aware of the difference between your own energy and beliefs, and someone else’s.

A strong aura boundary gives you a sense of containment. You’ll feel integrity and inner strength. You can’t get whacked off balance when your aura is intact. If you are someone whose day is wrecked by a negative encounter, then protecting your aura is important. When protected, energy coming from others becomes like “water off a duck’s back,” instead of confusing you, or poisoning your day. You’ll be able to say, “that’s their issue, not mine.”

REASON #2 You’ll feel better, and physically safer.

Our daily interactions require an energy exchange with other people. Depending on the dynamic, at times you may give away too much, and become depleted. This can make you feel drained, crabby, or tired. When you aren’t maintaining your auric field it can actually have gaps, missing places, or cause you to feel physically less present and ungrounded too.

Examples of the deficits in being ungrounded include accidents, bumping into things, having other people bump into you in the checkout line, (for our earlier example), and even trouble being on time, and showing up for things or just navigating your physical world.

I always tell my clients, the more grounded person wins the game, because being strongly grounded with an intact energy field allows you to be more present in all ways. When you are present and focused you are more effective. You feel better physically, have more energy at your disposal, and more vitality.

REASON #3 You’ll have Higher Confidence and Self Esteem.

Confidence is knowing you can accomplish something. Self esteem is how valuable you feel. Two energy centers in the body are major contributors to how we feel about our ability to accomplish, and how we value ourselves. The second and third chakras govern not only who we feel we are, (our identity) but also how much we like who that person is, and enjoy projecting ourselves into the world. When you're solid in who you are, you love to radiate that into the world!

Trouble comes when we have unclear boundaries, feel other people too strongly, and can’t sort out our true inner self. Our identity becomes muddied by other people’s self-image pictures that we are picking up on psychically and feeling AS ourselves. Weird, huh?

How much of what you think is YOU is just the thoughts other people are having about themselves? (Yikes.)

Again, clear aura boundaries give you a way to contain your SELF and protect from taking on too much around you. It reduces self-sabotage and enhances your ambition.When you are clear, you are full of self-esteem and the confidence to project your fabulous self into the world!

How to Maintain and Protect your Aura

Maintaining your aura is a simple, daily practice.

Energy follows thought, so you can do it with mental focus by pulling all your energy back to you, then create a boundary around the edge. Or, if you are a kinesthetic type, you may want to literally use your hands to give it a fluff. These actions create mindfulness and let you know when you're needing a little TLC.

Helpful resources for taking care of the aura can be found in Donna Eden's work- if you want to physicalize your auric maintenance, she teaches a method for “reweaving” the auric field and doing the zip-up!

Here's a video I did with the Wayne Cook posture that helps you get centered.

However you decide to do it, give your aura some LOVE every day and watch how it changes your daily feeling state.

Having a protected aura will make your life a more successful expression of YOU.

Ready for more, clarity, confidence and commitment to YOU? I'd love to hear your thoughts on aura care.

Post comments below and let me know how it goes!

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