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Full Flower Moon

This week we have a full moon at 17 degrees Scorpio! Look for where this point intersects your chart. This is the area of your life where new boundaries are being etched. A place where you may shut a door and walk away? Scorpio has a finality to it. It wastes no time on "shades of gray.” We are setting emotional boundaries. Scorpio only feels safe when it knows the limits, and these must be decided by YOU.

This full moon brings us issues of loyalty and deep inner feelings. Who (and what) is worthy of your attention and loyalty? (And, who isn’t?) Scorpio activates wounding and healing, so with this full moon we need to dig down and witness our truth. Once you realize what’s best for you, setting boundaries is easy.

Scorpio energy has the ability to look unflinching at areas of dis-ease, remove them, and therefore help us edit our inner movies.

We are moving into the season of planting our symbolic gardens and growing new possibilities in our lives, so we have to weed out unhelpful or toxic situations. How have you been programmed to engage in dynamics that drain your life force? You'll see them now and be able to "destroy and uncreate" the early programming that made them seem normal to you. Scorpio has the ability to even alter aspects of our selves we thought were permanently damaged. So trust this intense process!

A full moon is usually associated with culminations and fruition, but the Scorpio moon will focus our attention more on scything the dead branches, which is necessary for the new growth. Sometimes this process is painful, especially when it comes to pruning out relationships that have run their course.The moon is not at its most comfortable in Scorpio, which is why we may be in deep introspection, analysis, and boundary setting. This is a weighty full moon.

Some Full Moon Questions:

~ What needs clearing?

~ What’s standing in the way of your new growth and happiness?

~ Who are you becoming, empowered?

~How can you stand for new boundaries in your life?

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