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Your Mars Return- An Energizing Cycle

I am having my Mars Return, which begins a new two and a half year cycle of activity. But it's more than that. It's a time we look our inner warrior in the face and accept her full energy. When a planet returns to its original placement, it is really a rebirth of that part of you. How do you think of your assertiveness? With open arms? With trepidation? Awe? Frustration?

Mars is how we go about getting what we need and want. How we defend our turf. How we stand up for our values and defend them if necessary. It is our male energy going out into the world, accomplishing your "To Do" lists, then bringing it all home. How we approve of this male energy depends on whether we feel allowed to celebrate it! So the return gives us a new chance to be that self advocate.

The Astrology of Anger

Mars sitting on our mars can make us feel pissed off, depending on the dynamics at play in your life. Every time you get triggered, it's a chance to correct an imbalance that's probably been going on for a while.

Longstanding patterns of achievement and defeat show up in our charts, and often have to do with the condition of Mars. How happy is your Mars placement? Does it feel suppressed? Does it allow you to position yourself to get what you want? Do you feel squashed when you are assertive? Do you make yourself wrong for pursuing your needs? Is it obvious what actions you want to take or do you get confused and the energy dissipates?

My last mars return was also connected to a retrograde, and things got really weird. It was a theme of frustrated action, abandoned plans, confusing interpersonal situations, waiting, backpedaling and anger at the ineptitudes showing up in daily life! Some of those ineptitudes were mine of course :-) I sabotaged myself in moments, while others sabotaged themselves with me. All of it hard to witness. My whole body was energized during that time. (Pretty sure my spirit animal was the hornet! LOL.)

Anger is a "forbidden" emotion, especially in the modern culture of spirituality but it's a vital signal and a force not to be ignored. It comes from at least 3 important places: when someone lies to you, when you feel abused, and when you are allow yourself to feel powerful. Potent energy can feel a lot like anger.

Things to Notice During a Mars Return

-Feeling powerful (or impotent)

-Noticing boundary issues

-Recognizing your wants, needs and goals

-Asking if you're willing to stand up for, and fight to have a desire.

We each are a warrior. Mars transits reminds us we DO have goals and objectives, they matter to us, and we are not indifferent robots. When our power flows freely we will fight for what we want. Like all returns, The Mars Return suggests a reset of our energy toward new priorities. In my own life, I've been noticing a lot getting done and crossed off the list I had from 2 years ago (YES!!) But also where my energy feels held hostage by indecision, too much analysis, and not giving myself credit where it's due. It's all part of this process. Where are you in your personal Mars cycle?

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