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Retrogrades: Harvesting Wisdom from Your Past

We just had 3 planets turn Retrograde: Venus, Saturn, and now Jupiter.

Venus governs love, self worth, and money. Jupiter is wisdom. Saturn is our structure. So our next task is to examine how our past has created what we have now. Don’t look to the outer world to confirm what you know is true, but have some faith in yourself! Trust you’ve made good choices, or at least ones that have brought you more wisdom.

Jupiter, the great benefic, is a planet that expands our lives. It's like a jewel in the heavens that offers us richness in insight, as well as happy occurrences in our lives, IF we are wise in our pursuits! And that is a big IF, because we humans tend to make a few mistakes along the way and sometimes miss great opportunities. This is where the retrogrades come in. They cause us to pause and reconsider so we can reap new benefits by making better choices.

When you look at your relationship history, also peek at your money patterns and previous choices. Do they feel like wise decisions? Do you need to tweak things and change them up? Your future doesn’t have to look like your past. Now is the time to start a new pattern that's better for you!

Retrogrades make us look both inward and backwards. They are intense transits because of our increased awareness to past issues. Hindsight is 20/20. With Venus in the mix, forgiveness is always a great choice! Unload the heaviness in your heart. Especially forgive yourself for past mishaps. Jupiter reminds us that there are no real mistakes, only wisdom gained.

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