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New Moon in Gemini

This week, the moon meets the sun in the sign of the Twins, activating us to communicate! Gemini needs to talk. Childlike and mischievous, it wants to play; with words, ideas, curiosity. We might find it hard to pin down the perfect information we're seeking, but the hunt is on. Our minds need a cleansing, a release of the weight we've been carrying. We'll do some fact juggling to get a new perspective.

We are tired of staying at our desks and minding our P's and Q's. We have questions and don't want to keep quiet! And our questions can only be answered by experience. This restless energy frees us up to explore our locales and interact with our neighbors. We want to see the faces of our reality. What we need may be just outside our doorstep, and now we can see our surroundings with new eyes.

Most of us are feeling less certainty in what we always believed to be true. Our ideals are cracking under the pressure of change. No matter how many questions you ask, the answers keep shifting like weather. If you can see this as part of the process, it will be easier to let go of having the perfect answer.

I think this is what we're learning now. Since Gemini always reaches for the next juicy tidbit, life has to be seen as a work in progress. The stress we feel trying to make sense of chaos diminishes if we acknowledge that nothing was ever meant to be perfect, not life, not YOU, or me. Nope, instead it's quite literally the adventure of your lifetime.

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