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What the Invisible Venus Transit Means for You

The ancients taught a fascinating idea about a planet's visibility. When the planets disappear from our view, it is called a heliacal phase. On May 29th, Venus, our guardian of LOVE, RELATIONSHIPS, MONEY, PLEASURE, ART, AESTHETICS, and HARMONY, is due for her invisible phase, during which time, we won't see her when we gaze up at the night horizon.

Astrology is based on the idea that planetary bodies are expressions of our own psychology, so changes in the heavens impact our daily life! Therefore, when a planet goes through its invisible phase, we feel it.

Planet Venus, currently Retrograde in Gemini, is moving back toward the Sun right now and as of May 29th, will spend about 12 days submerged in its bright rays, and hidden from our view. Afterward she will separate from the sun and "rise" as the Morning Star again on June 12th, which begins a new cycle of her energy. This will be a new cycle of LOVE. Something for us to look forward to! But first, we have to saddle up and go to the underworld.

The ancients taught that when Venus goes "invisible" she is effectively moving into the purifying fires of the Sun's energy. We will feel her normal expression missing in our lives, as our love intentions are purified.

Venus meeting the Sun "purifies" her. This allows her to re-emerge a lighter, brighter Venus in Gemini for us to enjoy. Soon, we'll all feel more awake!

What's Wrong?

A signature of Invisible Venus can be a feeling of something missing, in the areas of life that Venus rules. We may experiences voids, in love, money, or even pleasure. (Check this out for yourself. Astrology is experiential.)

I once started dating a man just before Venus disappeared, and the relationship suddenly tanked. It made no sense at the time. We were in the early stages and were pretty enamored. But when Venus disappeared it was like we'd been under a spell and suddenly woke up to reality. Since Invisible Venus is a purifier, our intentions changed and we didn't want to be together.

Venus (love nature) immersed in the Sun (consciousness) causes a deep healing of our awareness in relationships. The price of consciousness is a sacrifice of baser instincts. This is what happens during the Invisible Venus cycle.

In retrospect I saw that the purification cycle was Venus helping us each realize our deeper incompatibility. This was a hard lesson but valuable. Until I had that experience I might not have believed in the power of an Invisible Venus transit! A relationship can't be charming without lovely Venus holding sway. Anything unlovely or disharmonious will show itself. If you struggle to keep something false alive, it won't work very well.

Remember that astrology is an experience of our shifting psychology and feelings. Invisible Venus does NOT mean we are, in fact, deprived. It just means we may FEEL deprived. The situations we normally rely on for pleasure and the feeling of love are temporarily in shift.

If you are ruled by Venus (Taurus or Libran) you may notice this short transit very directly. Don't Worry! You won't actually disappear! But, maybe you need some beauty rest? Since YOU are identified as Venus, you may feel a sense of needing to rest. But you will also feel your energy shift up and brighten as you emerge around June 12th! If you're not sure that she's visible, just look up at the horizon around dusk.

Enjoy this journey!

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