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Embracing the Gap Between the Dream and What Is

On June 21st, the Summer Solstice, we will have a new moon eclipse at zero degrees. A potent beginning. This ushers in opportunities, but do they match what we've dreamed of?

Most of us are rattling through the recent lunar eclipse issues, adjusting, releasing, riding the waves of change that it brought into our lives.

We've barely caught our breath and here's another one! This time we must look at the nourishment in our lives. Cancer rules the stomach and new research is telling us most of our brain chemicals and hormonal connections happen through gut health. Say you indulge in junk food and aren't getting healthy fuel. This aspect will notify you it's time for better health.

Eclipses bring undeniable crossroads. These are decisions we make. Always for the better and for the health of our overall being. Eclipses are responsible for evolution. We have sudden realizations that change our minds!

This eclipse is akin to letting go of a fixation on a certain taste. What if you're so busy staring at an empty shelf of your favorite drink while the store is fully stocked with something better in the shelf next to it?

This is what we're looking at this Solstice. Opening our arms to new opportunities. Noticing they may look different than what we've always imagined, but we feel them as good and new. Letting our gut be our guide. Really being aware of how something FEELS in our stomach. Our stomachs tell the truth about energy (and food.) Don't choke down stuff that doesn't nourish you.

So here we go! And it's going to be okay.

Remember that chaos precedes new order. You should see my kitchen when I'm making a pie. The finished product is more than a sum of its uncooked parts. These eclipses cook us, and in a good way. And sometimes you make something you did not expect. Does the surprise ruin the old dream you had? This is a way God can gift us, by surprising us out of our expectations, into something better.

Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year, is a time of bringing solar consciousness into your life in spades. It lights up things in such an obvious way your can't help but find your way into something delicious.

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