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New Moon in Cancer, Take 2

Monday July 20th, brings us a Cancer new moon at 28 degrees. This is the end of the Cancer cycle. (A month ago we had a Cancer new moon at the beginning of the Cancer cycle, at 0 degrees.) Both of these new moons have a stern opponent in the form of Saturn. We are in the last 5 months of Saturn finishing in Capricorn so these Cancer new moons are building muscles in the psyche. Keep in mind this is an OLD issue of feeling opposed, as Saturn is retrograde. We are taking another pass at standing up for ourselves repetitively in a similar emotional circumstance.Jupiter and Pluto provide an enhanced experience of this energy.

Beginnings at this new moon will be tinged with a bit of "elbow grease." Saturn, Father Time, forces us into effort, because we are building new structure. We will need a sense of purpose and will, grit, and perseverance to finish whatever we start now. It feels a bit like having a boulder on our shoulders, one to which we feel very responsible. This is the energy of opposition. It's the universe asking, are you SURE you want to create that? We may find it's a challenge to have inner resolve, especially around our strategies for complete self nurturance. In fact, it may simply read to you as STRESS, or feeling like it's hard to enjoy the fruits of your labors.

Cardinal signs may particularly feel the burn (as increased stress.) This, in turn challenges our ability to find nurturing in the face of such stress. But a new moon in Cancer requires us to demand this nurturing, like searching for a drop of rainwater on a desert plant to quench our thirst.

We are experiencing the finish of a whole cycle about the resistance to our sense of safety. Right now we wonder, has our homeland unraveled? Can we still feel secure when the systems that surround us threaten to topple? Do our stomach's rumble with discontent so much we are unable to find nutritious experiences? How grumpy do we need to get about things we consider out of our control? What barriers do we need to address in our environments and relationships that prevent our sustenance?

Cancer beautifully illustrates CYCLES. Though the wisdom of Cancer we understand that everything in our reality is a cycle: our hormones, our circadian rhythms, our bodies' response to the solar flares, our mental states, moods, and response to environmental toxins.

Weather is a cycle. When a storm blows through we feel it build, then blow, then release the pressure and positive ions. This cycle of opposition will also release. So if it feels like the pressure will last forever, just know we are blessed with the wisdom of Cancer. Ruling our gut. This is not forever, it is just a cycle and we'll be able to find ways to feel good, despite a little acid reflux in our stress response. Use this new moon to dedicate to self nurturing strategies. Recognize that any resistance is just a patterned response to old systems that never nurtured you anyway. And now is the time to take a stand on that.

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