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Electrifying Full Moon, how do you feel about thunderstorms?

August 3 we experience a full moon in Aquarius at 11 degrees. In the heat of Leo season, fixed fire, we will have an "energy storm" to break up the tension in the atmosphere we've been feeling for a while. Clearing the heaviness and fear that we might not get our needs met.

The beauty of a storm is its ability to free us from an oppressive atmosphere. That is the energy of this full moon. Uranus is the storm, pushing against the other elements. Fixed signs, Aquarius, Leo, Scorpio and Taurus will feel this full moon most, especially if you have planets near 11 degrees. What is the theme? Changing our relationship to security. Releasing fears. Allowing uncomfortable disruption to our caterpillar selves so we catapult into Butterfly status.

We've been living in the unbearable heaviness of uncertainty. Are we going to be okay? Can we make it? Where's our solid ground to stand on? Lately it feels we've been trying to anchor into quicksand. But, when the world feels unstable we must create our own safe connection to the earth.

For me, this means putting my ACTUAL hands into the ACTUAL dirt and planting things. This helps me understand cultivation, perseverance, decision, intention, and patience. How are you handling it? What's your solid ground? Answering this question is the essence of this full moon.

The part of us that dislikes feeling insecure will resist this process! But, here's the gift: When the world is in tumult, we become more alive. This full moon is a time to embrace this aliveness with all of our awareness. Intuit your soul's view of your life and future (AQUARIUS.) Embrace what you love with your whole heart. (LEO) Create a connection to your values in physical ways (TAURUS.) Bravely be willing to perceive the truth behind the garbage and misinformation overload in the world (SCORPIO.)

Most of us know the joy of a thunderstorm. Enjoy. Being. ALIVE.

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