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Mars Retrograde and the Reality Barbell-What are your intentions?

We've recently headed into Mars Shadow, then we will experience Mars Retrograde through the fall. Mars in Aries is here for a while. Get ready for energy to build! We are powerfully challenged to use this energy wisely. Mars (the planet of war), is very strong in its home sign of Aries, cardinal fire. The fire starter. The hot-headed ram with horns. Doing now, thinking later. Feeling the itch and scratching it immediately. Burning with desire. Have you seen an angry baby? The fury, the arching back, using breath to scream with its whole body. That is the power of Mars in Aries!

But, Mars is not going retrograde without a fight. Because of the obvious square to planets in Capricorn (status quo authorities) we will have a "reality barbell" to use to build our power muscles!

So what will we do with all this power?

As it moves into a retrograde space, we are filled with an energy that can be used for implosion, or intention. Sometimes you WANT an implosion. Maybe you have some blocked inner tunnels that need clearing out? But frustrations build when you are thinking that something OUTSIDE yourself is preventing your expansion. This time is crucial for being deeply aware of what your intentions are.

One way to handle this transit is to embody your most magical self. What would be an example of this? First, look for situations that need transformation. The ones that are causing you to feel frustration. Frustration is a signal you are giving your power to an outside source, then feeling helpless about it. Imagine that there is no "other" even in situations with other people, so you can change them from the inside of you.

For years I've taught my clients how to change dynamics with other people by allowing those people to be different for you. In order to do this, we must remove our frustration with how we think they "are." Removing the resistance allows a transformation!

With Mars going toward its retrograde, we must own our raw urges and our power to create. (Don't give yourself "blue balls!") Let the energy flow out of you like lava, carving new pathways in your reality. If you feel frustrated, let the lava go inward and blow out the granite within, as if you are in a mine shaft.

If you must explode, be intentional with how you express the energy. Inside an angry baby is the helpless fear its needs will not be met. During this inward power journey we are required to own this and take the power back.

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