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New Moon in Leo- Enthusiasm Renewed!

August 18th we have the new moon in Leo at 26 degrees. This new moon trines mars and gets an energetic ping from the north node, both of which creates more ENERGY. If lately you've felt drained and tired, with not enough juice to maintain a focus on what you want to create, this new moon will give you the boost you need.

The Leo new moon is a jumpstart to destiny. The Sun rules our life force, and the Sun part of our chart, our soul's essence. When we are on target with our "soul goals," our heart feels happy. When we are off track, we feel something is missing. . Are we being what we were born to be? Does our career path truly reflect our essence? (The sun rules career.) Are we happy?

Many of these questions may be brought up during this beautiful new moon. It doesn't matter where your sun sign is placed, although the house your sun is in is the environment you'll be examining for some of these soul-searching questions.

We are in the middle of a strange and dramatic moment in history. Leo rules drama and pulls us into our own dramatic play, in a very personal way, as we look at our circumstances within the greater backdrop of society and the culture. Right now, a lot of us are asking the question, how do I fulfill any of my dreams, when reality seems to be closing doors? The economy is uncertain, the world powers are functioning weirdly (at best), and answers are muddled for what choices to make.

Our world has a lot of darkness right now. Nothing is quite as it seems and a lot of dust storms are driving the mass information. What we know is what's in front of us to see, hear, feel and touch. But we also have access to our intuitive knowledge which comes directly from our soul and the times require us to tap in now.

The Sun is consciousness. This new moon will bring energy and drive to your life. It can light up the areas of darkness that have muddled your thinking and bring clarity. Sun meeting moon (as in a new moon) is a reconnection between your unconscious, feeling nature and your conscious awareness. With this conjunction we begin to wake up. We can align and feel new enthusiasm about what really matters to us now, and, using Mars as fuel, go toward it now. Also, use the drama of this Leo new moon to your benefit! See your life as a soul adventure. What does your hero or heroine need from this epic journey? What chapter are you in right now? How must your destiny be fulfilled for a happy ending?

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